9. juli 2013

Klubben investerer i treningsfelt!

Palace har kjøpt treningsfeltet i Beckenham for £2,3m.rnKlubben har tidligere leid disse fasilitetene og har betalt ca £200.000 i året. Det ble klart for en stund siden at de tidligere eierne var villig til å selge.

Palace co-chairman Stephen Browett sier i intervju: “I think it was well documented that we were paying £200,000 a year rent on it and we were fairly happy just paying that – but if you can buy it for just over £2m then after 10 years you are getting it for free.rnIt wasn’t essential to buy it but it is kind of nice that Crystal Palace Football Club owns its own stadium and training ground. That has not been the case for a very, very long time – certainly since the days of Ron Noades and then it wasn’t this training ground.rnIt’s nice we own it and we can spend money on it more easily because it is not someone elses.rnThe message from the management team was that they really liked Beckenham. And the most important thing they said is we are a South London inner-city football club and that our academy kids live in Lambeth, Southwark, Wandsworth, Bromley, Croydon or Beckenham. So it was particularly important to for the academy that we are in an area accessible for South London.”

Dette liker vi og fremtiden ser lys ut for klubben!