27. mars 2013

Aruna Dindane signerer for Palace!

Palace har signert den 32år gamle spissen fra Elfenbenkysten på free transfer ut sesongen.

Dindane spilte sist for Al-Sailiya Sport Club i Qatar i desember 2012. Spissen har flere låneopphold i Pompey hvor han har 10 mål på 24 kamper.

67 landskamper og står oppført med 11 mål. Han har spilt i VM to ganger.

Holloway said: “Aruna has been training with us and we have seen what was needed to get him up to our level of fitness, so very quietly behind the scenes we have been working with him to get him to the condition that we want. I am hoping he returns to what I have seen him play like before.

“He has been working hard to reach those levels and if he can do that he might add something to the group that could help us in the weeks to come. He’s very strong and a goalscorer and I know what he can bring to us if he is in the right condition.

“I would like to thank the chairman for giving me the chance to bring him in and we will see what he can do for us.”

Vi ønsker Aruna velkommen til klubben